An Ode to My Legs In Advance of A Marathon

An Ode to My Legs In Advance of A Marathon

The author’s legs aboard ship

Oh, Legs, I’ve known you all my life.
You’ve been there through the toil and strife.

It seems to me that you must sense
the task ahead, that makes me tense.

I’m sure you’ve guessed the reason why
I’ve pushed so hard and I’ll not lie.
It’s true, Dear Legs, that all these miles
precede a journey filled with trials.

All these mornings on the roads,
the steadily increasing loads,
The aches and pains, the injuries,
the white-hot fire within the knees.

All these things I’ve forced on you
I can’t deny that, Its all true.
Dear sweet legs please understand
it was all in service of what’s at hand.

We are both scared and full of worry
and I’ll tell you now that I am sorry
But some things in life must just be done
without all reason, and absent fun.

So rest now, legs, and do not fret
there still remain a few days yet.
And be secure in my support,
you’re more to me than mere transport.

It’s not smart, and it’s not clever
But indulge me in this crazed endeavour.
And at the end I swear to you
you’ll appreciate what we went through.

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