Cape Town Marathon Countdown – 8 days to go

Ideal conditions.
Ideal conditions.

Another plan foiled by circumstance. You’ll forgive the less than optimistic tone of this submission but I’m afraid there’s nothing to be done about it.

The plain fact is that I could not run today. Circumstances quite beyond my control forced me to remain housebound, and robbed me of one of the very few days I have left to train.

I am hoping to make the best of it though. I’m surmising that perhaps the forced rest will be somehow to my benefit and have made tentative (new) plans to arise in the wee hours of the morning and attempt a quite long run.

Something in the region of 19 miles would seem to be appropriate.

There are a few problems with this however – chief among them being the hour at which I shall have to arise. In order to return to my home before the rest of the household awakes and requires my assistance with the normal routines of the morning, I shall have to depart at around 3am.

This will require great strength of purpose as it will undoubtedly be dark and cold.

On the other hand it will allow me the luxury of running in cool conditions. I’ve never yet determined quite why, but I simply cannot abide running in hot whether. I find the feeling of the sun on my face whilst running to be positively discouraging.

In fact, given the choice there’s nothing I enjoy quite so much as running in the rain. Unfortunately modern weather forecasting has advanced so much that I no longer even indulge in the slightest hope of rain on the day.

As for the distance itself. That too poses a dilemma. I run the very real risk of injury prior to the race but that danger has to be considered against the not-insubstantial advantage of tackling the race distance with increased confidence.

So will I compromise and strike some half-measure, or do as intended ?

That, dear reader shall remain a mystery until the next installment.



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