Cape Town Marathon Countdown – 6 days to go

Doing Nothing
I have been doing nothing. A veritable sluggard.

Nothing. That was the goal, absolutely nothing. A goal which I am pleased to say I have achieved.

Compared to previous goals its nothing, but it is, in fact, something, simply by being nothing. Strangely there is something I’d like to be doing rather than nothing and that is to be doing anything. Anything would be better than nothing.

You see it takes an enormous measure of self control to force oneself into idleness, especially when one feels that one hasn’t done enough. The simple fact, however, is that there is now nothing to be gained in the remaining six days until the race.

I will not become fitter, or faster or stronger by training. I will however recover, my legs will repair themselves, all the damage done to my body will heal itself and I will, fortunately, attend the start of the race in fine physical form.

Upon reflection I realize too, that there is a small measure of something I can add to my nothing, and that is to pay some attention that part of my body that exists above the perambulatory region.

My neck and shoulders, for example, have a tendency to become very sore during long runs, so much so, in fact, that i am anticipating their being the major source of discomfort during the marathon. So I will be doing stretching and other shoulder and neck exercises in order to stave off what I fear to be inevitable.

There is also a small measure of benefit to be gained by paying close attention to my diet this week, during which time I shall be avoiding non performance-supplementing foods and generally maintaining a sensible eating regime.

Oh , and in answer to the question posed in my previous submission. Did I compromise or do the long run ?

I did neither.

I did nothing.



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