Cape Town Marathon Countdown – 4 days to go

Sick in bed
Alas, fate has seen to it that I am confined to bed.

Oh Calamity! I have been stricken ! Stricken with influenza on the eve of a marathon. Accursed fate can you not be kind to a man of uncommon dedication ?

I must confess to having felt quite positive about my prospects in the race to come and perhaps even a bit hopeful of a better than expected result. Those hopes were dashed upon my physician’s diagnosis.

I lie here quite undone by this dreaded condition and ponder to myself the nature of fate itself. For if we believe in a fair universe, a godly state of reciprocal circumstance, how then can one explain what has occurred, given my hard work until this point ?

My nose and ears feel as though they are wholly submerged under water and my head aches constantly. My muscles that have carried me through so many training miles feel weak and useless.

Any sensible man would withdraw from the race altogether.

I, however, am not that sensible.

On the basis of cost alone, I shall compete, as I cannot abide so many pounds being wasted. I am also hopeful that I shall affect a recovery in time enough for the race.

I have, however, adjusted my expectations and would now be satisfied, if not entirely pleased, with simply finishing.


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