Cape Town Marathon gets rid of Mordor

Paarden Eiland Mordor
No more Mordor

In response to feedback received from the public it has been announced that the 2018 Cape Town marathon will no longer include the dreaded "Mordor" segment that used to head out to Paarden Eiland and back along the MiCiti Bus Route.

The Paarden Eiland segment in particular was roundly criticized for being uninspiring and not representative of the Cape Town experience, consisting, as it did ,of an industrial area and a public-transport road. On social media after the 2017 Cape Town marathon many runners expressed their dissatisfaction and pleaded for a more aesthetically pleasing route. The route was quickly dubbed "Mordor", after the fearsome region made famous in Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings trilogy.

The statement also indicated other changes to the route including "more beach front running"

The full statement issued by the CTM reads as follows.

After months of analyzing runners feedback and subsequent negotiations with the authorities, we are delighted to announce a number of significant improvements.

The new route will include more beach front running alongside the Sea Point Promenade and more of the treelined streets of Newlands,Rondebosch, Mowbray and Rosebank before heading back to the City via Liesbeek Parkway and Albert Road.

It does NOT include Paarden Eiland, the N1 and the MyCiti bus route! It’s beautiful, it’s fast, it’s Cape Town! Must run it!

Full route details will be launched at our 100-day countdown on the 14th June 2018."




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