The Seven Easy Sins of Running (We are all guilty of)

The wages of sin : Potential Zombie-ism

Forgive me, for I am a running sinner. I know the right path, yet I choose to stray.

And its the little sins, the easy things, that are my downfall.

There are some things I can forgive myself for, perhaps I don’t have the worlds most highly developed tolerance for pain and discomfort. Perhaps I’m not as motivated as I should be.

That’s as may be. What gets me is that I do not do the right thing when the right thing is easy to do.

Here then, are the seven deadly sins of running that I (and I’m guessing most of us) commit. If not all at the same time, then certainly most of them, a lot of the time.

Perhaps you’re not as bad as me, perhaps worse. But I’m willing to bet most of us could improve our running with very little effort by avoiding these easy sins.

  1. Never warming up.
    Ever. Even though its easy and takes very little time. – Its too much bother, and I usually fi figure I’ll just start running slowly and warm up naturally. (and then I forget the start-slowly part)
  2. Inconsistency
    My mileage is up one week, down the next. I plan to go fast but then go slow, or plan to go slow but then go fast. I tell myself that next week will be the well-planned week.
  3. Gluttony.
    I eat too much. Forget paleo vs vegan or LCHF or any of those complicated things. I simply eat too much. Running would be a lot easier if I was carrying less weight it’s just that simple.
  4. Never doing speed work
    Okay, maybe this one is just me but the thought of intervals, and stop-starting while running just bothers me. I like to get into my comfortable groove and stay there. I’m sloth like that.
  5. Delaying nutrition.
    I wait far too long to get my nutrients in after running. This one is such a simple fix. With a bit of planning, I could have a shake, or some nutritious whole food ready for me to consume in those key 20-30 minutes after a run when the body could really use them. Instead, I get distracted by other things and land up eating sometimes hours after my run.
  6. Not cutting out sugar.
    Even if you are not into LCHF or Keto and can’t quite give up the carbs, there’s no excuse for not cutting the sugar. And the sad thing is that it’s not that hard. I’ve done it before.
  7. No foam rolling.
    Just couldn’t be bothered. The whole thing looks a little complicated. It certainly looks boring (if not painful) and I’m also 100% certain it would help. So, of course, I don’t do it.

None of these sins is particularly great. But taken together, if I sinned no more, I’d see a marked improvement in my running.

And the path to salvation? Perhaps it’s this.


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