Cape Town Marathon gets rid of Mordor

Paarden Eiland Mordor
The Cape Town Marathon has announced that they are getting rid of "Mordor", the Paarden Eiland segment of the marathon

I was hit by a car while running

I was out running on the open road when I was hit by an oncoming car. Somehow I'm still alive and mostly unscathed. This is what happened...
Mhlengi Gwala

Robbers attempt to cut off athlete’s legs with a chainsaw

Mhlengi Gwala‚ a South African Triathlete was attacked with a chainsaw by robbers while training in Durban. The horrifying news was shared by Henri Schoeman, a 2016 Bronze medal Olympian on his official twitter account.

Download the 2018/2019 Athletics South Africa Constitution and rules/rule changes.

Latest documents from Athletics SA available for download

The best bits from “The greatest moments in running history”

From Zola Budd assaulting Mary Decker to Sir Edmund Hillary breaking the 4 minute mile. These are the best moments in running.

The Seven Easy Sins of Running (We are all guilty of)

Forgive me, for I am a running sinner. I know the right path, yet I choose to stray. And its the little sins, the easy things that are my downfall.

We’re not children – Why the headphone ban is stupid and...

I'm going to lay out exactly why it is stupid and wrong to ban headphones in a race. But first, let me issue a disclaimer.

How to get back out there

It happens to all of us. We're forced, through injury, or circumstance to take a few days off running. The days turn into weeks, months,...

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In the second part of our exclusive Q&A interview Camille shares her inspirations and ambitions, some of the lessons she has learned, and also...

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Cape Town Marathon Countdown – 4 days to go

Oh Calamity! I have been stricken ! Stricken with influenza on the eve of a marathon